Prince William and Harry Playing The Piano As Toddlers Brings Back Such Nostalgic Feelings

Byvu lita

Jan 22, 2024

Children don’t feel the weight of the adult world like the rest of us. We get to see Prince William and Harry being brothers at play.

The children of powerful people seem to be in store for a life of tumultuous times down the road. Cameras are everywhere. Fans and critics alike won’t stop hounding you and your family.

But that doesn’t stop them from enjoying some genuinely wholesome moments along the way. Before world politics and family politics invaded their adult years, Prince William and Prince Harry were seen playing together when they were toddlers.

There’s no pomp and ceremony. There are no egos. Just two brothers banging on the piano while their parents look on, both of them with eyes full of love for their children.

It’s a delight to see the children humanize their parents. Instead of being these powerful rulers, they’re parents who love their boys so much that they are able to momentarily shelve the turmoil of their marriage and be present for the kids.

Now William and Harry have grown men with stresses of their own, including divisions between them as brothers. But this moment from their childhood is preserved as long as there’s a server somewhere to store it. May they both come across it and reflect.

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