Reba McEntire and John Legend Fight Over Soulful Singer Ronnie Wilson on “The Voice”

Byvu lita

Mar 14, 2024

Ronnie Wilson had Reba McEntire and John Legend fighting over him during night 5 of The Voice blind auditions, so Reba tried to pull the name card and woo him to her side with a call to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.

The 28-year-old from South Carolina absolutely stunned the crowd the moment he opened his mouth to sing Zayn’s Pillowtalk. And after proving himself with some major note climbs, Reba and John turned their chairs to show their interest.

When Ronnie finished his performance, Dan + Shay gave him a standing ovation and praised his talents. After asking if singing is his day job, Ronnie admitted it isn’t. He’s actually an accountant.

After a few accounting jokes, John and Reba jumped right into their pitches. Both of them really wanted Ronnie on their The Voice teams, and they were willing to pull out all the stops. Reba even pointed out that she’s friends with Keith and Nicole.

Reba playfully pulled out her phone and pretended to call the power couple, just to flex her connections.

“Nicole, would you put Keith on the line, please?” she said. “Hey, Keith, how ya doin’? Yeah, we’re here at The Voice — if you were on The Voice, who would you want to coach you? Me? Nicole said her too?”

Ronnie, who admitted that he pulls a lot of inspiration from country music laughed—but the ploy didn’t work. He ended up going with John Legend, who could give him some direction with his soul and gospel interest.

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