Rock Band Leaves Audience in Awe With Epic Live Cover of “Since You Been Gone”

Byvu lita

Jan 30, 2024

If you’re searching for the ultimate rock band that celebrates the very best of classic rock with adrenaline-spiking performances, you’ve just found it with The Classic Rock Show.

Based in the UK, the 8-member band (who’s also had an astonishing 22 previous members) started performing in 2013 with sore-throat guaranteed shows. And they didn’t disappoint. Fans reached out on YouTube to call them the “very best cover band that has ever existed”!

Song after song, the band met every rocker’s hopes and dreams. Performances such as their 2016 show at the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool saw the band playing some of the best-known rock songs, including “Whole Lotta Love” (a 1969 Led Zeppelin song), “Rhiannon” (a Fleetwood Mac track from 1975), and “Since You Been Gone” from the 1979 Rainbow album “Down to Earth.”.

The YouTube upload of “Since You Been Gone” has received more than 30k likes and has been viewed more than 6.1 million times. Fans who commented on the video said it gave “goose bumps and an adrenaline rush” with an effortless performance.

The band has, to date, played “Since You Been Gone” nine times during concerts, most recently at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. And they join a long list of known artists to cover this song, with “The Brain May Band” (a rock band put together by Queen’s guitarist Brian May) and “Alcatrazz” (a 1983 heavy metal band), just to name a couple.

The current members of The Classic Rock Show (according to their official website) are: Wayne Banks on bass and vocals (who was part of Robin Gibb’s solo band and featured on Gibb’s 2004 CD/DVD), James Cole on guitar (who also happens to be a professional racing driver in the British Touring Car Championship), Jesse Smith on vocals and guitar (also the front man for Romances, Legacy Showband, as well as a few others), Pete Thorn on guitar and vocals, Jess Harwood on vocals and keyboards, Karl Penny on drums, Rudy Cardenas on vocals, and finally, Henry Burnett on keys and vocals.

The critically acclaimed Classic Rock Show is a celebration of the very best in classic rock. Collectively, they pay tribute to some of the most iconic rock artists ever, including Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, and The Eagles. And their fans are elated to have them back on stage after their 18-month pandemic-forced break.

That’s not to say the band took the worldwide shut down quietly. Like many stage-hungry artists, the band jumped on the bandwagon of home recordings to give us some “good for the soul” sounds, including a rendition of Queen’s “Hammer to Fall” with special guest Brian May on video call.

With a fantastic line-up of lead vocals, guitarists, and key players, The Classic Rock Show has shown time after time that they will take on any great rock piece and deliver it in style. Though the members are each fantastic musicians in their own right, their ability to come together and remind us why these songs are so good is simply spectacular.

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