School Resource Officer Says Fantastic Goodbye With an Amazing Dance Performance  

Byvu lita

Dec 12, 2023

Goodbyes are difficult in all walks of life. Some are easier than others, but I feel that work-related goodbyes very much depend on the personality that is leaving the workplace. It can also be a reason to celebrate what that person has achieved, which is exactly what Officer Tillman of Don Lugo High School in Chino, California did.

As a Resource Officer for the school for a year and a half, it was time for Tillman to move on after receiving a promotion. Full of life and adoration for the students and teachers of the school, this bright personality decided to say goodbye in a unique and unforgettable way: with a dance performance, assisted by some of the school’s dance team. Check out Tillman’s moves below:

Now, at first thought, one might think that this is going to be a slightly embarrassing video. Immediately, however, it’s realised that Tillman has some secret abilities of his own, and cracks out dance moves amongst the school’s students with ease. Some might even argue that he’s in the wrong line of field and should instead try out for a local dance group!

Officer Tillman’s performance consisted of a minute-and-a-half dance routine alongside some of his students, spanning five songs in total. Kicking off with MC Hammer’s unmistakable hit “Can’t Touch This”, the crowd around the group erupts as they witness Tillman slide and dance with apparent ease, loving every second with a huge smile on his face.

“Can’t Touch This” wasn’t the only hit that Tillman threw some shapes to. Soulja Boy’s classic rap hit “Crank Dat” also featured, with the Resource Officer throwing in the signature Soulja Boy dance move to boot. Each new move caused a roar from his loving students, who will be sure to miss this larger-than-life character at their school.

The students’ appreciation of Tillman was truly realised at the end of the warming dance video. After the group completes their performance, a final eruption of cheering is heard from the audience, and both the dance group and some students from the stands can be seen running towards the officer to wish him a final goodbye hug.

In an interview with NBC Los Angeles, Officer Tillman simply said: “Every officer has a family, every officer has a job to do… this officer just loves to dance.” It’s quite clear from the video that not only does Tillman love to dance, but he also loves to do his job. While moving from the school might be upsetting for both him and the school’s students, being promoted is an incredible achievement that this man deserves.

Videos like this certainly warm the heart, and highlight the incredible work that members of the police force can do for their communities. In another school in Brentwood, California, students swarmed their local police officer and threw him a mini parade in appreciation of what he does for his town and people. It’s stories like these that provide us with hope that there are good people out there, and the feeling of community is still incredibly important to many.

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