Simon Cowell Called Her The ‘Next Taylor Swift,’ and Just Her Performance In The Backyard Proves It!

Byvu lita

Mar 5, 2024

When Grace VanderWaal stepped on stage at America’s Got Talent, the 12-year-old had such a sweet, humble presence that the judges seemed doubtful of her talent. Toting a simple four string Ukulele, the singer-songwriter admitted she’d never performed in front of a crowd, but hoped for a “miracle”when Simon asked her if she thought she could win the competition.

Grace got the Golden Buzzer during her audition, in a wonderfully triumphant moment, but now the “Next Taylor Swift” has done it again.

Grace is from Suffern, New York, where she lives with her mother, father, her older sister by three years (and best friend) Olivia, and two dogs. She started writing music at the age of 3, and has kept her passion alive ever since.

In the video below, we find Grace on the pack porch of her home, doing what she does best… blowing us all away with her incredible talent.

She chose to cover the pop song “Ex’s and Oh’s” by Ellie King. This ukulele version is unique on its own, but when you factor in Grace’s raspy voice with her wonderful style, it is truly a joy to listen to.

Check out her wonderful talent in the video below!

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