Singer Interrupts Violinists and Joins In for a Stunning Cover of Adele Classic

Byvu lita

Mar 13, 2024

It’s common for folks to poke fun at musicals for being silly. People don’t just randomly start singing in real life, after all… or do they? If you take a look at some of Violin phonix’s videos on TikTok, it seems as though this might not be the case. In these videos, you’ll find this talented violinist performing in public — but he rarely does so alone. This is certainly the case for an Adele cover he pulls off beautifully.

Sometimes folks have their own instrument and ask to play with him. Other times, they make a song request. In the video below, however, someone requests Rolling in the Deep by Adele. This iconic song sounds amazing on a violin, but it sounds even better when the woman who requested the song starts to sing!

Adele Cover With Powerful Singer and Violinist Goes Viral

@violin_phonix We met a singer at the train station..???? #violin #adele #rollinginthedeep #violincover #piano #singer #singer #livemusic #pianocover #classicalmusic #cajon ♬ son original – Violin phonix

Their unexpected performance takes place at a train station. Folks were already gathering around to enjoy Violin phoenix and his friend but, as soon as this woman starts to sing, the crowd is truly mesmerized.

Then, as she continues to sing, someone else joins them on the piano while another adds some percussion into the mix. Needless to say, everyone is blown away!

A little girl partially covering her mouth as she gasps. Text on the image indicates what she might be thinking: What... ?! A woman sits just behind her and looks down, smiling. They're in a train station.

As many have pointed out, while these videos are super impressive, it seems that they are, indeed, staged. Still, that doesn’t take away from the wonder of such a spectacular performance in a train station of all places!

“It is the music that brings us together,” one person says in the comment section of the video.

“This brought a great deal of joy to me,” another person writes. “Thank you.”

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