Sweet Young Girl’s Heartfelt Performance of ‘You Raise Me Up’ Moves Audiences to Tears

Byvu lita

Oct 6, 2023

Celine Tam traveled with her family from Hong Kong to Germany to sing with pop music star Helene Fischer. This sounds like it might be an intimidating dream come true for anyone, but add to it that Celine is only ten, and it is quite the feat! She has a little practice, though, since she appeared on ‘AGT.’

Fischer looked like a pop star in her beautiful white sequined jumpsuit, but she was more than happy to share the stage with the sweet little girl. Celine looked adorable in her patent leather shoes and a tiny black tutu. Before starting the number, Fischer blew Celine a kiss which the lovely little girl answered with her own.

Fischer takes the first few lines of the song, and her voice sounds wondrous. She rivals any other star I have heard sing this song. And then it is Celine’s turn, and it is simply unimaginable how good she is. The pint-size diva belts out these notes as if it was an effortless task.

The camera pans to her parents, and suddenly everyone is crying…even me! Fischer and Celine sang collectively in two-part harmony, stirred by the majesty of the music. As the two singers reached the closing melody, the audience rose to its feet—the ladies on stage hug and the crowd cheers.

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