Tara Jamieson, a 23-Year-Old Medical Student, Is Just What The Doctor Ordered On Got Talent

Byvu lita

Feb 2, 2024

The beautiful voice of 23-year-old medical student Tara Jamieson is all the healing you need on Ireland’s Got Talent. During her audition, the Canadian international student displayed the full package, with a face made for magazines matching her stunning voice. She tackled Adele’s “One and Only” while accompanying herself on piano and absolutely brought down the house with her consummate performance.

It’s a brave singer who auditions with an Adele song, because it sure ain’t easy to measure up to the superstar’s famed vocals. However, Jamieson absolutely rose to the challenge by hitting all the right notes as well as bringing out the emotions of the song in a powerful way. You can watch her audition below, which was quite popular online, with 6.8 million views clocked.

“One and Only” is quite a complex piano arrangement to play while singing, but Jamieson made it seem easy. The talented singer also brought an effortless x-factor to the audition with an expressive performance that had the crowd captivated from the first note. Louis Walsh positively gushed as he opened the judges’ comments, saying, “Tara, that’s the way to do a perfect audition. The song, the voice, the tone, the control, the piano, the face—everything was perfect.”

Funnyman Jason Byrne lightened the mood by riffing on Walsh’s comments, saying, “I loved the stool, the microphone, keys, piano, the wheels on it, the hair.” After getting a chuckle from the audience, he changed his tone, saying, “That was flawless. I absolutely just loved listening to it, and I totally got lost as you were singing.” Later in the series, Jamieson tried her hand at Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel,” which you can see below.

Judge Michelle Visage was quite complementary, saying, “I loved the way that you were singing to us. You were into the music, but you were actually singing to us, and I really appreciated that. It was really, really lovely.” Denise Van Outen closed the judges’ comments by saying, “Honestly, it was such a good audition. It was so polished. It was like you’d been doing this for years.”

Surprising no one, all four judges then voted yes for Jamieson. The talented Canadian subsequently progressed as far as the semi-finals before being eliminated. There must have been some truly tough competition on Ireland’s Got Talent that season because Jamieson is a real all-rounder, and it’s hard to imagine what more the judges could want from a contestant.

Since competing in Ireland’s Got Talent, Jamieson has completed her studies and begun work as a paediatric resident at Boston Children’s Hospital. She is still active in music, as she regularly uploads covers to her YouTube channel, Dr. Tara Jamieson.

In addition to singing, Jamieson shows off her guitar skills in many of her covers. She covers quite a range of music on her channel, playing songs by a diverse range of artists such as Neil Young, Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, and ABBA, as well as traditional songs.

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