Teenager With Accent Auditions On American Idol, Leaving Judges Perplexed Until A Moment When Dynamic Voice Shines Through

Byvu lita

Mar 16, 2024

Music is a universal language, and no matter where you’re from, you can surely show appreciation for all different types of music. Television shows based around music air all over the globe, and their popularity only rises with each exciting season.

The seventeenth season of ‘American Idol’ just kicked off, and one of the first singers to audition in front of the judges is proving to be a frontrunner in the competition already! The singer’s name is Myra Tran, and although she is still a teenager at 19 years old, she shocked the judges with her outstanding vocal ability. Myra is from Vietnamese descent, and although she has a bit of an accent, it didn’t affect her amazing eloquent singing talent one bit!

Myra decided to sing one of Jennifer Hudson’s songs, ‘One Night Only.’ The emotions she displayed through singing the song were profound and touched each of the judges separately. Although she is still in high school, her vocal ability feels like she’s been practicing her technique for decades! Myra moved to the United States from her homeland of Vietnam only a year ago. While she is still working on assimilating into the culture in America, she knew that her vocal ability would be able to cross all boundaries. When she was younger, she grew up longing to compete on ‘American Idol,’ and now that she finally made it, she’s pulling out all of the stops to impress the judges.

No one was expecting such a petite girl to have such a large and impactful voice, but Myra bared it all when she performed. Katy Perry, one of the judges on the show, even was so shocked that her jaw dropped during the performance. Luke Bryan, another judge on the panel, even compared her to the superstar who got her start on the show, Kelly Clarkson. Myra was clearly overwhelmed by all of the positive feedback and was moved to tears during the judging panel. Clearly, everyone decided that Myra needed to move forward in the competition, and everyone is eager to see how she competes throughout her weeks on the show. Surely, she’ll go far and go on to do great things in the musical field!

What did you think about Myra’s performance? Do you believe she could win the whole competition? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass her audition along to your friends and family – they’ll be surprised by her voice as well!

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