The Moment Dana Winner’s Unique Whitney Houston Cover Went Viral

Byvu lita

Apr 8, 2024

Dana Winner’s Breakthrough Moment with “One Moment in Time”

Dana Winner, a name that might not ring a bell unless you’re from the Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Germany, or South Africa, experienced a remarkable moment in 2016. Known for her one-hit-wonder “Westenwind” in 1995, an adaptation of “One Way Wind” by The Cats, Winner gained fame across Europe.

In February 2016, Dana Winner appeared on the Flemish music TV program “Liefde voor Muziek,” where she performed a stunning rendition of Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time.” Her live performance was so captivating that it became “the most downloaded song on iTunes” just two hours after the show aired. The performance video has since amassed nearly 63 million views on YouTube, a testament to Winner’s talent and the impact of her rendition.

Viewers have praised Winner’s interpretation of the song, with comments like “Stand, applaud, she absolutely deserves it” and “A beautiful rendition of a favorite song.” Her performance has been described as the “perfect package,” highlighting her incredible singing ability, beauty, and stage presence.

Watch the video below to experience Dana Winner’s breathtaking performance of “One Moment in Time.”

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