The ‘Southern Raised’ Band Performs a Stunning Low Bass Version of the Song ‘Sixteen Tons’

Byvu lita

Dec 8, 2023

The Southern Raised have created their own sound by combining Christian country, bluegrass, classical, and Celtic music. Their individuality and influences come to light through their cover of ‘Sixteen Tons.’

Like in the song, ‘walking the line’ isn’t Southern Raised’s thing. So, they went off-road and performed it in a low voice accompanied by bowed and string instruments.

This was crucial in making their rendition of the song stand out. The low rumble of the voice creates an ominous aura that resonates very nicely with the dark lyrics.

Southern Raised' band singing low bass cover of 'Sixteen Tons'

This modern twist on the old song is fantastic because it fits with its modern context. The song was written on exploitative labor and its woes, which is still relevant today.

Though the grim lyrics are rooted in a dark American past, they are still relevant today in a much broader sense. The current economic and political situation is trying everyone’s patience, and the song sings the same tune.

The band members are downright achievers. They hold multiple awards individually and as a group. Consequently, finesse is clearly visible in their expert mixture of genres and styles.

This is where Southern Raised raises the bar. They played an old song anew. The lyrics and tune are from the ’40s. The composition is freshly brewed. And the combination of all these things is absolutely outstanding.

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