The Stunning Christmas Music Video Fulfilled Composer’s Lifelong Dream

Byvu lita

Nov 30, 2023

In this video, viewers are treated to a Christmas song spectacle like no other. A high-budget music video production including multiple instruments and spectacular scenery creates a phenomenon that ignites the Christmas spirit in everybody that sees it.

The Florin Street Band

The Florin Street Band performs ‘My Favorite Time of the Year’ with the help of trumpets, a piano, violins, the works. Set in snow during Victorian times, the video is as visually stimulating as can be.

Leigh Haggerwood is a contemporary music composer from London, United Kingdom. He dreamed of creating a Victorian-themed Christmas video but could not find backing from major studios or producers.

The Florin Street Band

Leigh was determined and sought out other alternatives. Leight went out to find session musicians to record the song and used all the life savings he had to fund the video production.

All he wanted was to create a song with a traditional sound, solid melodies, and epic production values. He wanted to create a video set in 19th century England with snowy streets, street lanterns, and people dressed as if it was 100 years ago.

The Florin Street Band

His dream came true, and viewers are ever-grateful that he persevered. The video has been seen over 17 million times, and thousands of people commented on the excellent video that everybody seems to love.

One viewer wrote: ‘I was impatiently awaiting the arrival of the holiday season because I couldn’t wait to hear this beautiful song which always warms my heart.’ Leigh Haggerwood created a masterpiece that is a must-see every Christmas.

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