The Tokens Performed One of Their Last Performances of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ to an Explosive Audience

Byvu lita

Apr 13, 2024

Although it was written and recorded by a South African musician, Solomon Linda back in 1939, The Tokens covered ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’  in 1961.

The band performed together from 1955-2000 and here we can see and hear one of their last renditions of this classic hit.

When it was originally written by Linda, it was in Zulu and was named “Mbube,” which means “Lion” as detailed here by Song Facts.

The Tokens released their rendition later in the early 1960s. The lead singer of this legendary band was Jay Siegel. Other band members included Mitch Margo, Phil Margo, and Hank Medress.

The song gained even more notoriety in 1994 when it was featured in the hit Disney movie, “The Lion King.”

To hear this take on ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ by The Tokens, be sure to watch this amazing video performance. After you have watched the clip, spread the music magic to your friends and family. This song never gets old.

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