“The Voice” Contestant and Her Fiancé are Treated to a Once-In-A-Lifetime First Dance Serenade by Dan + Shay”

Byvu lita

Mar 14, 2024

Zoe Levert took the The Voice stage, singing one of our favorite Swiftie tracks: “A Better Man.” She turned a chair around at the last minute, solidifying her spot on this season. But she got a better gift than that!

The singer’s fiancé accompanied her to the audition and supported her from the sidelines. But after the judges started chatting with her, they realized they could give her a powerful moment.

While Dan + Shay weren’t the judges who selected Zoe Levert to join their team, Zoe did have a message for them.

She explained that she was a big fan and that she and her fiancé selected “From the Ground Up,” by Dan + Shay, to be their first dance song at their wedding.

It was at that moment that Dan + Shay decided to give Zoe Levert the gift of a lifetime!

zoe levert

The duo immediately jumped into action with the same idea.

“Bring him up! Do we have a guitar here?” they said, getting out of their chairs.

Quickly, Dan + Shay took the stage to give Zoe and her “better man” a memory they’ll never forget: a private concert, on the stage of The Voice!

The result was a completely adorable dance that I’m sure Zoe Levert and her fiancé won’t soon forget.

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