They Were Expecting a Classical Ballet, But One Dancer Has the Audience in Bursts of Laughter

Byvu lita

Nov 24, 2023

Ballet is known for sophistication and for globally influencing and defining the foundational techniques used in many other dance genres. This performance dance originated around the 15th century and is still one of the most beloved dance forms in the world. It requires years of training to learn and master, and continual practice to maintain.

But here’s a ballet performance that gives you something you don’t expect–humor–and you’re sure to remember it for that. While the music is classical–Chopin’s Waltz in E Minor–it’s pretty certain the composer never intended it as a backdrop for a ballet like this.

This movement is fondly called, “The Mistake Waltz” and was originally choreographed by Jerome Robbins of Broadway fame, where he choreographed productions such as The King and I and West Side Story. Robbins was known for a sense of humor and this shows it.

This hilarious performance was staged by the Vienna State Opera and is well worth Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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