This Outstanding Eight-Year-Old Can Conduct Liszt Better Than You Ever Can

Byvu lita

Mar 13, 2024

Are you concerned about the future of classical music? Just watch this remarkable eight-year-old kid lead Liszt’s full symphonic composition, complete with several hair flourishes.

Edward Yudenich, one of the world’s youngest conductors, is a remarkable talent.

He leads the pupil orchestra of the State Conservatory of Music in Pashkent, Uzbekistan, and is a pupil of professor Vladimir Neymer, one of the country’s most renowned conductors.

In the video below, Edward conducts the Uzbekistan State Orchestra in Liszt’s ‘Les Preludes’, the third of 13 symphonic poems.

The conductor’s performance is accurate and lively, with a thorough understanding of the material.

*backs away in amazement*

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