This Violin-Bobbing Horse Will Get You Bobbing Along

Byvu lita

Nov 16, 2023

All of life loves music. Animals just need to find the right soul and sound, like this adorable horse here and Ray Chen. It seems like this four-legged friend has an affinity for the violin.

Once you see this adorable horse swaying his head in rhythm to Ray’s violin performance, you’ll soon see why the kind soul takes the time to put on a private concert. It’s a heartwarming sight of a happy horse that is sure to inspire an all-new appreciation for music.

Appreciation for the violin is one thing that’s clear from this cute clip. The other horse in the video leers closer, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll be long before he, or she, starts letting loose and enjoying the music fully too.

Ray Chen is playing “Winter” by Vivaldi for those who are interested. Headbanging to classical music has never been so appropriate. Now that’s an adorable horse.

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