Three Young Girls Get Over 2.4 Million Views Playing ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ In The Heart Of Town

Byvu lita

Jan 15, 2024

Music is timeless, and so are the bands from different genres who were able to leave a long-lasting impression on our ears.

For pop, there’s Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5, Miles Davis Quintet for jazz, and B.B.

King and His Band for blues, Run-D.M.C. for hip-hop, Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Three for country, Metallica for metal, and so on.

And for rock, you wouldn’t miss the legendary band ‘Guns N’ Roses’.

The American rock band comprised of Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan, and Steven Adler was formed in 1985 in Los Angeles.

Apart from the commonly seen attitude of rock bands, like an immense amount of energy and rebellious character, the band was popularly known for their timeless quality rock music.

Two years later, they released their debut album, “Appetite for Destruction.”.

The album went slow on charts but eventually sky-rocketed straight to cloud nine with hits like “Paradise City” and, of course, “Sweet Child o’ Mine.”

When a rock band hits rock bottom,.

Despite their rise to stardom, internal conflicts, substance abuse, and lineup changes plagued the band.

Through the ’90s, they released the “Use Your Illusion” albums, showcasing diverse musical styles, but faced ongoing challenges, including the departures of key members and legal battles.

Guns N’ Roses’ intermittent touring persisted, culminating in a highly anticipated reunion of Axl, Slash, and Duff for the “Not in This Lifetime…” tour in 2016, reaffirming their iconic status in rock music.

Despite fluctuating lineups, the band maintains a devoted fanbase and continues to perform, solidifying their enduring influence in the rock genre.

Timeless rock music.

It’s true that rock music is still there and has never been forgotten.

In fact, rock music doesn’t just influence those who were born during the rock bands’ era but also the youngsters of today’s generation.

This video of three young girls went viral not only because they’re adorable but also for some good reason.

Given the fact that they’re young, innocent girls, their taste for music could somehow be considered extraordinary.

Why?It’s simple because, out of all the music genres out there, they chose rock music, and they’re really good at it.

Have you ever seen a group of young children jamming to ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’?

If not, then this is your lucky day because these young girls will blow your mind with their street performance.

These talented girls named Nong Petch, Wimonwan Saisathit, and Nong Petty floored every passerby at Siam Square with rock music.

Siam Square in Bangkok, Thailand, is a bustling commercial and entertainment district known for its shopping centers, trendy boutiques, restaurants, and cafes.

It’s a popular area among locals and tourists alike.

Ultimately, busking in Siam Square could potentially be a good experience, given its vibrant atmosphere and foot traffic.

The iconic guitar intro.

Whenever the iconic guitar intro of the song goes electrifying through the extremely loud speakers, you know something big is coming.

And this young trio didn’t miss that important part of the song.

The oldest of the three girls was in charge of plucking through her pink electric guitar, and, oh, she was without a doubt on the top tier.

To be honest, it wasn’t a perfect one, but to think these three young girls braved through this kind of song makes them good at their chosen craft.

Not to mention that bouncing little baby in yellow who seemed to just enjoy the music.

People, both locals and tourists, took their time to sit and watch the girls perform. Some of them even took their phones out to record their performances.

The video of their amazing street performance was uploaded on YouTube in April, and since then, it’s already gained over a million views.

It simply proves a lot of people still love rock music and, of course, watching adorable kids perform at their best.

Don’t forget to watch the video of their performance below.

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