Tim Conway Attempted To Fix Harvey’s Violin, And Things Went Hilariously Wrong

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Jan 19, 2024

The Carol Burnett Show is one of the best comedy/variety shows ever. The show aired on CBS from the late 60s to the 70s and tickled everyone with its beautiful sketch comedy. Each and every part of the episodes was enacted by the most talented performers.

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman

Every Saturday night, families would sit down in front of their TV to watch Carol Burnett & her team of actors do spontaneous comedy in front of a live audience. A recently shared video clip from The Carol Burnett Show episode, “Mr. FIXIT,” has gained immense popularity.

Carol’s core team of actors consisted of Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, Lyle Waggoner, Vicki Lawrence, & several guest stars. The two stars, Korman & Conway, entertain the audience with spontaneous sketch comedy as they enact the skit “Mr. FIXIT.”

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman

Both actors are known for their on-stage chemistry. Their performance does not sound fake, and their comic timing is brilliant. The skit begins as the camera pans out to a wall with a board that says, “Mr. FIXIT – IF IT CAN BE BROKEN, IT CAN BE FIXED.”

This is when Korman enters the stage (an instrument repair shop). He is dressed in a concert tuxedo (as he is a violinist) and comes to get his violin fixed. He asks Tim Conway, the repair person, to improve his 100-year-old violin. This is when the hilarity begins. Conway handles the violin with carelessness, enraging Korman.

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman

The violin repairman fixes the musical instrument at the end. However, as the violinist pays him for the service, he stamps the bill kept on the violin and breaks it. The musician goes crazy and decides to get things straight with the repairman.

Several online fans have left heartwarming messages on the post. One said, “I loved these two together! So many hours of pure fun and laughter!” While another person wrote, “Comedians like no other,,. Hilarious duo.”

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