Twenty One Pilots Tyler Joseph Creates Beautiful Ukulele Version of Elvis ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’

Byvu lita

Jan 15, 2024

As the King of Rock n Roll, Elvis’ music is still beloved worldwide. That’s why if you’re going to cover it, especially Can’t Help Falling in Love, you better make it good! That’s exactly what Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots has done on the Nylon Music tour.

The tour was headlined by Neon Trees and featured the American band Walk the Moon of Shut Up and Dance fame. As part of the show, Tyler Joseph performed the classic ballad with help from other musicians on the tour. The video was uploaded to YouTube, and viewers there loved it just as much as the audience on the video.

It has been viewed over 168 million times and received 2.7 million likes, and most unusually for a concert video, it does not start at the venue or anywhere near the stage. Instead, Tyler is in a car all alone, singing and playing the ukulele. As the video continues, he leaves the car, walking along the street past vans presumably full of equipment for the show. He stops, sitting next to other performers as well as passersby, as he performs the song.

Eventually, around 2 minutes in, he reaches the venue and is playing onstage. The camera is initially focused on him, but you can clearly hear the whoops of delight from the audience. Soon, the camera cuts to the crowd, and there is a wide grin on every face. They all sing along, with Tyler waving his arms in the air. It’s beautiful, as it demonstrates music’s unique ability to unite us.

The song ends, and the crowd goes wild, but that’s not the end of the show for the lucky viewers of YouTube. Tyler performs an encore, back where he started in the car, but this time it is dark outside. He sings a gentle refrain and ends the song with applause from his bandmate, the only other person there. Tyler acknowledges the applause with a smile and a final flourish on his ukulele.

It’s such an interesting video, and Tyler’s singing and playing are both exceptional. It’s definitely one to watch, whether you’ve already seen it or not. It’s one of those performances you could watch a hundred times and not get bored, noticing something new each time. The comments are full of love for the track and all it represents. As one commenter said:

“This proves true artistry beats a million-dollar budget if forced to choose. The storytelling is awesome. She showed us the journey of a true musician—from learning to play alone for joy or love, to busking in the streets, to performing on stage before a crowd of fans or strangers, and finally sharing your music with your truest friend or fan. Also the journey of life, I guess.”

If you loved this video, you should also check out Twenty One Pilots’ original work. Why not start with Ride? It’s their most popular video, with over 1.3 billion (yes, you read that right) views! You’re sure to love it.

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