Two 6-Year-Olds Perform a Phenomenal Piano Piece

Byvu lita

Dec 1, 2023

It takes a lot of guts to perform in front of an audience. These two six-year-old kids showed no reservations about sharing their musical gifts with everyone when they decided to play the piano together.

Kids playing piano

In the public shopping area of Broadway Plaza in San Francisco’s Bay Area, six-year-old Paul Petrescu decided to sit down at one of the outdoor pianos and share his passion.

He decided to play a composition by Yann Tiersen, which was featured in the movie “Amelie.” A friend sits down to accompany Paul at the keys, and together they draw quite a crowd.

Kid playing piano

You can see the concentration and effortless ease with which these two play the piano. Paul had just started learning the piano less than two years earlier when he fell in love with it.

His absolute love of music and raw talent will definitely be taking him places. Shoppers couldn’t help gathering around the two children as they shared the beautiful composition, evoking wonder and awe.

Kids playing piano

Watching their little fingers dance over the keys is incredible to behold. Every person in that crowd had their phones out to record and to share this stunning performance with their friends.

At the end of the piece, the audience claps and cheers loudly for the two little performers. The kids are shocked to find that they had attracted such a big crowd.

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