Understanding Why The Steinway Grand Piano Is The Favorite Of The World’s Top Pianists

Byvu lita

Mar 28, 2024

Hello friends, in this new series of posts, we will know a little about musical instruments and other equipment used in the musical environment. We will discover some details about some brands and models of musical instruments. So to begin we will learn a little about the universe of the incredible Steinway grand piano, one of the most renowned brands and acclaimed by the world’s greatest pianists.

Why is Steinway grand piano so wonderful?

The Steinway grand piano is among the grand made grand piano dial currently manufactured, this piano is preferred by the world’s great pianists, many of them simply ignore other brands, why will it? (whoever has touched one already should know the answer to this question).

The manufacturer Steinway & Sons was established in 1853 in New York by the German Henry Engelhard Steinway. He dedicated himself to creating these beautiful instruments in an artisan way, with noble materials and millimeter adjustments of each of his 12,000 pieces, a single copy of this piano can take up to a year to be ready.

These wonderful instruments are manufactured with eight types of totally different woods, its manufacturing process still counts on a team of 25 artisan of various nationalities. In this way this fabulous piano gives the artists a remarkable sound that helps them to enchant and thrill on the stage and in the most varied concert halls.

Let’s look at the sonority and some opinions on the grand Steinway grand piano.

Yuja Wang plays Schumann on a Steinway piano

Yuja Wang testing the Steinway grand piano

The Making of a Steinway – A Steinway & Sons Factory Tour Narrated by John Steinway

Steinway & Sons Documentary – A World of Excellence

Lang Lang about Steinway

Helene Grimaud plays Liszt’s Piano Sonata in B Minor

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