Unexpected Joy: Ed Sheeran Delights UK Pub-Goers with Surprise Appearance

Byvu lita

Mar 11, 2024

A small-town pub in the United Kingdom recently learned that you never know where superstar Ed Sheeran might show up!

The Roost in Small Heath has had it’s fair share of celebrity sightings — British actor and rapper Jaykae is known to stop by every once in a while. Still, when Jaykae asked the pub manager, Ian Connors, if he could bring a friend with him, he never would have guessed his +1 would be Sheeran!

As soon as they walked in, all eyes were on Sheeran, who didn’t have any security with him. The place was especially crowded thanks to a pool tournament and the DJ they had brought in for the occasion, so Sheeran only added to the chaos… in the best way possible!

“But he was brilliant, really laid-back, and he mingled with customers,” Ian said. “He was just a gentleman. Really down-to-earth and was having a good laugh … We’re still in a bit of shock to be honest, this is the last place you’d expect him to turn up. But he was fantastic with everybody and it was a night everyone will certainly remember.”

Watch clips of Sheeran’s night out below and don’t forget to share.

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