Violin Virtuoso Lettice Rowbotham Delivers an Extraordinary Violin Medley

Byvu lita

Sep 11, 2023

Britain’s Got Talent finalist Lettice Rowbotham advances. Bars and Melody, two rap superstars, joined the 24-year-old in her accomplishment.

Lettice Rowbotham, a violinist from Britain’s Got Talent, has become the true fiddler on the roof.

The artist, described by judge David Walliams as the most affluent competitor ever to participate on the show, sang a few songs atop a farmhouse at the No. 1 Boot Camp retreat in Norfolk.

Lettice Rowbotham was almost rendered speechless when she qualified for the Britain’s Got Talent final as a classical violinist.

After her audition, judge David Walliams referred to her as “the poshest competitor we’ve ever had on the show,” and she impressed fans with her electrifying performance.

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