Watch Now: Spectacular Performances from the 2023 Amateur Piano Competition Winners!

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Oct 4, 2023
Check out our two winners’ full performances below

We are absolutely thrilled to share with you the winning performances from this year’s Pianist Amateur Piano Competition.

After being inundated with so many inspiring and incredible performances from all of you, we managed to find our two worthy winners.

Classical Category Winner: Annie Kwon

The Classical category Prize was awarded to 38-year-old Annie Kwon, a homemaker and piano teacher from California, USA, who performed works by Liszt, Scarlatti, Sibelius and Babajanian. Judge Kathryn Page comments, “An extremely persuasive performance, Annie communicates all the musical needs with beauty of sound and effortless control. Bravo!”

Check out her full winning performance below.

Modern Category Winner: Rob Rennie

The Modern category Prize went to 53-year-old Rob Rennie, a software engineer, also from California. He wowed the judges with a mixed bag of works by Monk, Mingus, Powell and Evans.

Judge Chloe Flower was particularly taken with Rob’s passion and feeling for the music, while Kathryn Page described his playing as “very atmospheric… with space and shape used effectively.”

Check out his full winning video below. We’re sure you’ll agree with those comments!

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