When a Foster Kitten Won’t Stop Crying, A Violinist Finds the Sweetest Way to Soothe Her

Byvu lita

Mar 14, 2024

Music soothes the soul – for people and animals! Just ask Esther Abrami, who recently discovered the key to keeping her rescue kitten calm and entertained.

Esther is a classical violinist based in France. She often fosters cats for the Association Féli Cité shelter, and in September, she welcomed a tiny feline named Rémila into her home. Soon, she realized the clingy kitty was quite the handful.

esther and remila

Rémila began crying whenever she wasn’t being held, which made it difficult for Esther to practice her instrument. That’s when the cat mom decided to try wearing Rémila in a fanny pack while she played – and it worked like a charm. The classical music left the kitten mesmerized… then put her right to sleep!

Try not to smile as you watch the kitten’s adorable reaction in the video below, and share this story with your friends.


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