Why is Ed Sheeran so Famous? Because He Is Capable of Such Amazing Things Like This…

Byvu lita

Mar 18, 2024

Everyone wants to meet the amazing Ed Sheeran in real life, but not just because of his undeniably awesome music (the kind that you can’t help but replay in your head all day). The incredibly talented singer/songwriter has an infamous reputation for being a stand up guy. What teenage girl – or female of any age – wouldn’t have a crush on this ginger cutie?

Aimee Keogh definitely does. While presenting a new mobile karaoke app on The Late Late Toy Show in Ireland, this sweet young girl got an awesome surprise from one of the artists she had named just minutes before as one of her favorites. Although he had a gig in New Castle that night – only hours before arriving – he drove straight from the airport to surprise Aimee, and it was somewhat of a surprise for him to as this was a completely impromptu visit! Aimee’s karaoke solo quickly changed into a duet. [I’m a bit jealous right now.]

Aside from giving her an experience that she’ll probably cherish for the rest of her life, Ed had more surprises in store. While backstage, the producers of the show told him about Aimee’s failed attempts to get tickets to a couple of his shows, so, being the ridiculously wonderful person that he is, offered to pay for her and her entire family to fly to London and see one of his three shows in July (and his offer was another unplanned part of the evening).

Aimee has such heartwarming reaction full of gratitude, excitement and radiance that you can’t help but smile with her as she meets her music muse. All it took to make such a meaningful moment for the young girl was an appearance… only a few minutes of his time.

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