Willie Nelson’s Son Sounds Exactly Like His Father — Just Close Your Eyes and Listen

Byvu lita

Mar 12, 2024

So many people were shocked to hear the hit classic Always On My Mind from someone other than Willie Nelson. However, once they realized that the song was being sung by his son, Lukas Nelson, they could see (and hear) that this apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree.

Lukas Nelson is very deep into the music scene, just like his father has been for many years. He is part of a group known as “Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real.” They tour all over the country regularly and love sharing their music with their fans. Their official Facebook page has more than 245,000 dedicated fans who love their music and are always eager to hear the latest hit.

When you hear his voice, you will see why they so fervently await the next post from the band. However, this particular performance was nothing short of spectacular. Lukas did not have any backup when he recorded his unique version of Always On My Mind,  but as you will soon hear, he didn’t need it. His rendition of the song is absolutely amazing.

Listening to his soulful voice would turn anyone into a fan.

We bet you didn’t even realize that the original version of this hit was released more than 35 years ago. But people still adore it. They are even happier to hear a fresh, new version of the song coming from Willie Nelson’s son. Who better to perform this timeless classic than the kid himself?

Are you ready to listen to this amazing version? We know we are!

Watch the video below and be ready to be blown away:

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