Woman’s Mesmerizing Performance of ‘Carol of The Bells’ on The Hammered Dulcimer

Byvu lita

Apr 8, 2024

Have you ever heard of a hammered dulcimer before? These incredible string instruments are capable of some seriously stunning sounds. This woman showed us the ins and outs of the hammered dulcimer, including a cover of one of the best-known Christmas carols on Earth!

At the start of the video, she walked us through what makes up a hammered dulcimer. It’s a string instrument with over 100 strings that dates back for hundreds of years. You play it by snapping the strings with tiny hammers!

woman plays hammered dulcimer
This image is from YouTube.

Then, this woman began playing the iconic Christmas tune, “Carol of the Bells,” on the hammered dulcimer. What resulted was a haunting but incredible rendition of the familiar song.

Hundreds of thousands of people have watched DeeDee play the Christmas song on the hammered dulcimer. Many took to the comments to share their delight.

“Beautiful rendition of a traditional favorite. Wonderfully done. The instrument suits the merry melody. Thank you for posting!” said one fan.

“My favorite Christmas song. It always sounds so epic. Your playing was awesome,” commented another.

Check out the unique hammered dulcimer rendition of the Christmas carol below. It’s seriously impressive.

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