Youngsters’ Impromptu Performance On The NYC Train Leaves Everyone Shocked

Byvu lita

Apr 11, 2024

Train passengers in New York City were treated to an incredible performance by these youngsters. Great work guys! What These Kids Do On The NYC Train Has EVERYONE Surprised!

A girl sings for the crowd while a boy, presumably her brother, plays his percussions on a bucket with two drum sticks. Their voices form impeccable harmonics, even with the terrible lack of acoustics in the train.

The morning commute takes a heavy toll on those travelling in the New York City subway, so little surprises such as this one bring a welcome refreshment. If the song is familiar, then you are probably older than you think, or you just have very good taste in music! It is the Temptations’ signature song ‘My Girl’. Great job, guys!

Both professional and amateur musicians like these kids have been entertaining the crowds in public since the beginning of time. Cities employ academic musicians to play intricate classical melodies for the sake of livening up the spirit of the citizens, while others give out permissions to buskers for the same reason – do what you love and get aid for it.

One particular performance got the same effect on the crowd passing by, not so much because of the musicians, but because of who joined them in their performance! While a string quartet was playing “The Last of the Mohicans” in the subway in Istanbul, a little girl whipped out her baton and began directing the musicians like a true maestro!

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