YouTube Star Family Delivers Side-Splitting Parody of Taylor Swift’s ‘The Man’ Amidst the Coronavirus

Byvu lita

Jan 18, 2024

Sometimes, the best way to draw attention to the seriousness of a subject is by finding a creative and comedic way to do so. The Holderness Family, a YouTube famous family known for their song parodies, sings ‘Wash Your Hands’ to remind people to stay clean and healthy during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Holderness Family first went viral in 2014 after sharing a video Christmas card, and since then, they’ve been on the lookout for opportunities to parody songs for social awareness. What better of a chance than Taylor Swift’s ‘The Man’ in light of the coronavirus pandemic?

This YouTube family can be seen inspiring people to wash their hands after they touch anything or anybody to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They acknowledge that many stores are sold out of common household products like antibacterial soap and wipes, but they recommend their viewers wash their hands with whatever soap they come across.

When it comes to health, spreading awareness is important. This is especially true in light of the coronavirus. The Holderness Family successfully shows people how to flatten the curve and stay healthy in this time of need through a catchy parody song.

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