100-year-old man surprised by playing Mozart Sonata

Bythu lita

Dec 14, 2023

He’s known all over the world for his talents on the piano, but one thing about Randolph Hokanson would surprise you: he’s 100 years old and still following his passion! Maybe his inspired dedication is one of the secrets to his positivity and longevity.

Residing in the Bayview Retirement Community in Seattle, he isn’t your typical resident.

Randolph Hokanson, a Seattle-based soloist who studied with Harold Samuel and played concertos with Sir Thomas Beecham, turned 100 the other day.

At his party, he introduced and played the late Mozart G major sonata with concertmaster Marjorie Kransberg-Talvi.

Watch. It will restore your faith in everything.


Throughout his life, Randolph studied with many famous people, especially in the 1930s. This centenarian has a special talent that he is sharing with those around him. USA TODAY said it perfectly: “With each stoke of the keys, he makes his neighbors feel young again.”

But one can’t help but wonder how he’s kept his love for piano alive after all of these years. Well, with his answer comes a powerful message: “How does one do it? Well, you just keep doing what you love to do, that’s all.” This advice, much like his music, is timeless.

Watch below and share this positive message today!

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