Gavriil Scherbenko, A 17-Month-Old, Embodiment of Mozart for His Outstanding Talent

Bythu lita

Dec 14, 2023

Prepare to be amazed by an extraordinary young talent! Meet Gavriil Scherbenko, a seventeen-month-old prodigy from Russia who has captured the hearts of many on social media with his piano-playing abilities. Videos showcasing his unique compositions, uploaded by his parents on Instagram, have garnered significant attention, amassing an impressive following of 123K admirers!

One particular video caught the attention of renowned actress Viola Davis, who couldn’t help but share the awe-inspiring performance. Accompanied by the caption “Young pianist” and a string of enthusiastic emojis, Davis helped propel Gavriil’s musical prowess into the spotlight.

Photo bygavriil_scherbenko_/instagram

According to VT, Gavriil’s extraordinary talent lies not only in playing music but in creating it. Despite his tender age and inability to read or memorize songs, he effortlessly produces surprisingly harmonious combinations. Online commentators have been left astounded by the child’s skills, with some even speculating that he may have been a pianist in a past life.

In their quest to showcase Gavriil’s remarkable abilities, the Scherbenko family attempted to secure a television appearance on the Russian show “Amazing People.” While they were not featured in the episode they initially tried out for, the editors reassured them of a future broadcast that would spotlight their prodigious little musician.

Photo bygavriil_scherbenko_/instagram

In a more recent video shared by the family, Gavriil’s musical journey extended to the sandy shores of a beach. Fear not, for his beloved hobby was not neglected during the trip. Accompanied by a portable toy piano, Gavriil serenaded his family while enjoying the scenic beauty of Mahe Island in the Seychelles. Although they had hoped to encounter a bar or restaurant with a piano for him to play in the evenings, they instead encountered street musicians with a synthesizer, which unfortunately proved inaccessible.

Luckily, their foresight to pack a spare instrument ensured that Gavriil’s musical escapades continued uninterrupted.

Prepare to be enchanted as you watch Gavriil captivate his family in the heartwarming video below. Don’t forget to share this incredible display of talent with someone who appreciates the power of music!

Social media users have been blown away after watching videos of a 17-month-old baby from Russia playing the piano.

The baby’s name is Gavriil Scherbenko, and his parents launched an Instagram page to share his talent with the world.

“We felt that the music that is born from him is not just our domestic joy… that, probably, this is some kind of gift, and we need to share it,” the parents said.

“Thank you for the incredible amount of warm, kind comments and greetings from all over the world, our dear subscribers! It’s like we all became a little related through this communication.”

Many social media users are saying he’s an “old soul.”.

“Oh, my! An old soul in such a young body!” one user commented.

“Another amazing old soul in a new body,” another user wrote.

Will he be the next Mozart?

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