7-Year-Old Fan Surprises When Sings ‘Bug’ Onstage with Trey Anastasio

Bythu lita

Feb 1, 2024

An adorable 7 year old Phish fan named Jovi (aka Ms. Unicorn) joined frontman Trey Anastasio onstage to sing “Bug” during his acoustic show in Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 22, 2022.

In the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan, the magic of live music unfolded in an unexpected and heartwarming way when a 7-year-old Phish fan stole the spotlight. The young enthusiast, whose love for the iconic band knows no bounds, took center stage alongside none other than Trey Anastasio himself.

As the crowd eagerly awaited the next musical journey, this pint-sized Phish aficionado bravely stepped up to the challenge, ready to immerse themselves in the melodic world of “Bug.” The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation, and the audience couldn’t help but marvel at the courage and passion displayed by the young performer.

Trey Anastasio, a musical virtuoso and a founding member of Phish, graciously shared the stage with the budding talent. Together, they embarked on a musical adventure, creating a moment that transcended generations. The connection between the seasoned artist and the young prodigy illuminated the power of music to bring people together, regardless of age.

As the familiar notes of “Bug” filled the venue, it became evident that this rendition was unlike any other. The young performer infused the song with their unique energy, captivating the audience with each heartfelt lyric. The judges, in this case, the mesmerized onlookers, were so moved by the performance that they might as well have slammed their buzzers in a unanimous show of approval.

The collaboration between Trey Anastasio and the 7-year-old Phish fan not only showcased the enduring appeal of Phish’s music but also highlighted the universality of musical passion. This unforgettable moment will surely be etched in the memories of all those fortunate enough to witness the pure, unbridled joy of a young soul sharing the stage with a musical legend.

Jovi had been in the audience wearing a pink “Kindness Is Magic” shirt and holding a sign asking Anastasio if she could sing the song with him. He called her up and gave her the microphone, smiling the whole time.

Here’s the original Phish song

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