Andrea Bocelli and Daughter’s Mesmerizing Duet: A Timeless Rendition of ‘Hallelujah’

Bythu lita

Feb 1, 2024

Andrea Bocelli is undoubtedly one of the world’s most (if not the most) celebrated and loved Tenors of all time. The 64-year-old Italian Tenor and multi-instrumentalist has been blessing the world with his gift of music since 1994.


Also written in the books were his iconic duets with famous artists like Daniela Dessi, Placido Domingo, Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado, and Ariana Grande. And who could possibly forget his duets with Barbra Streisand, Sarah Brightman, Tony Bennett, and Celine Dion?


Ultimately, Bocelli also had the chance to perform with an equally-famous Italian operatic Tenor, the late Luciano Pavarotti.

Bocelli is simply extraordinarily gifted.


After becoming completely blind at the age of 12, Bocelli still managed to rose to stardom and took the music world by a whirlwind. This great Tenor is also a father of three beautiful children, Amos, Matteo, and Andrea – all following in the footsteps of their multi-awarded father.

Amos Bocelli is Andrea’s first child with his first wife, Enrica Cenzatti. Amos, 27, graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts in piano. He is a gifted pianist and frequently plays at his father’s television appearances.


In 2016, Bocelli’s firstborn also became a member of the board of directors of his father’s charity initiative, Andrea Bocelli Foundation (ABF).

His middle child, Matteo, is into classical music and has already released multiple duets with his father. One of their most popular duets was ‘Fall On Me’, its release also became Matteo’s musical debut.

Bocelli’s youngest child, Virginia is nothing short of a music star.


She is Andrea’s third child and only child with his current wife, Veronica Berti. At 10 years old, Virginia already has a decent amount of experience in music. She’s been exposed to the industry and has performed a couple of times on huge stages, of course, mostly with his father.

One of her well-applauded duets was when they performed ‘Hallelujah’ in December 2020 at the Teatro Regio di Parma opera house in Italy.


It was a live-stream performance and the father-daughter duo was accompanied by an orchestra. They partnered with creative director Franco Dragone, popularly known for his awesome work with Cirque Du Soleil.

Andrea and Virginia wowed everyone with their impeccable vocal calisthenics and their performance was nothing but a spectacle of musical prowess.

Added to their jaw-dropping performance was Dragone’s brilliance in cinematography.


The father and daughter’s powerful duo was definitely one in a million and Dragone’s work made it tenfolds better on screen. With the perfect camera angles and movements, the creative director managed to make the duet beautifully pleasant not just to the ears but also to the eyes.

No one could ask for more than to witness Bocelli and his daughter play on stage as a Christmas present. The moment was magical not only to their live audience but also to the 25.4 million people who saw the video of their performance online.


Remember when Celine Dion once said, “If God would have a singing voice, he would sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli.”

And we couldn’t agree more.

Have a taste of the Bocellis talent by pressing that play button below.

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