Ed Sheeran’s Unforgettable Surprise: Touching Rendition of ‘Thinking Out Loud’ for Kai Langer on The Ellen Show

Bythu lita

Feb 1, 2024

If you want to start your day with a heartfelt message, go no further than this article. In this article, we look at a cute 8-year-old’s guest appearance on the legendary Ellen program, where he declares his love for the presenter and performs an Ed Sheeran hit for her. It’s nonstop tenderness, with a surprise for both the audience and the young guy himself!

The young man in question is Kai Langer, who has stolen the hearts of Americans and others all around the world with his endearing performances on the Ellen Show on YouTube. He grew to prominence via his passion to music and has had the opportunity to play for several of his idols, including Bruno Mars. In this film, he believes he is simply performing on the Ellen program, but little did he know that Ed Sheeran himself was ready to surprise him during his performance this time. If you simply want to see Ed stroll in, skip the interview and watch the second video. Watch the full video below:

During their conversation, Ellen and Kai discuss his last performance on the show, which was a Bruno Mars cover. He accomplished this at the age of four, which is incredible, and as a consequence, he received encouragement from Bruno Mars himself.

This time, he sings Ed Sheeran’s famous “Thinking Out Loud,” and it’s evident that he has a strong enthusiasm for singing. To his amazement, Ed Sheeran emerges behind him throughout his performance!

Ed Sheeran is known for surprising fans who are unsuspecting of a visit from their favorite artist. During a shopping mall performance in Edmonton, Canada, 13-year-old Sydney Bourbeau was performing a fundraiser for the Edmonton Humane Society and covering the same song that Kai was singing on the Ellen Show, “Thinking Out Loud.”. She had the shock of her life when, out of nowhere, Ed Sheeran joined the stage with her to perform some of his classic love hits together. Watch the video below:

Before his performance, it’s clear that Kai Langer has a lovely personality and isn’t afraid to show his love to those that he cares about. The clip begins with him presenting a Valentine’s card to Ellen, and he says, “You’re beautiful and the best, and you’re my first girlfriend, and I love you.”. This causes a roar of applause and ‘aww’ from the audience, and Ellen plays along and says that she is going to keep it forever.

Kai went through almost the entire performance without realizing Ed Sheeran was behind him, as he was completely immersed in the music. When he finally saw Sheeran, he simply smiled and froze, unable to comprehend what was going on in front of him. It’s an incredibly sweet moment that this young man will remember forever, and he’ll undoubtedly be the envy of his friends as a result!

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