Grandma Stunned as 2-Year-Old Granddaughter Plays Piano Music Like an Angel

Bythu lita

Dec 31, 2023

It is quite common that when someone plays an instrument really well, we describe that person as “Mozart”. This article tells us a story of something similar, but here, the “Mozart” is a mere two-year little girl, Emily.

2-year-old Emily had heard the music before, and her elder siblings had played the piano, but Emily had never played. It was only natural for Grandma to presume it was Emily’s older sister when she heard the lovely music.

Emily is known as “The Next Mozart” by many. She, on the other hand, sees herself as a typical kid who enjoys playing the piano. Emily was invited to play at the White House when she was six years old. The little lady’s passion for the piano has converted her into a one-of-a-kind musician.

Emily has been playing the piano since she was three years old, and she also composes her own music. Watch her play her favorite piece in the video below and eave your thoughts in the comments area.

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