Joyful Piano Duet: Terry Miles and 8-Year-Old Bring Musical Fun to the Public

Bythu lita

Jan 1, 2024

Child prodigies have become a common thing in this modern era. You will find kids barely 5 to 8 years old accompanying masters in different fields. Some kids show their talents in sports, and some prove their talents in music.

Terry Miles and an little boy playing a public piano

Olivier, an 8-year-old kid, was recently found playing the piano at the Kings Cross Station, London, UK. Many passersby could not stop themselves from recording the breathtaking performance of the child prodigy on their smartphones.

The captured moment shows little Olivier playing foot-tapping music on a piano. He is in total control while moving his little fingers on the piano’s keys. While Olivier plays the piano and people stand around with mesmerized appearances on their faces, Terry Miles appears out of nowhere and joins the kid at the piano.

Terry waits for the right moment and joins the kid in adding his jingle to the tune. Although Terry is an expert at playing the piano, he lets the kid dominate the performance. He is happy to play the role of the secondary pianist.

Terry Miles, or Terence Andrew Miles, is a renowned songwriter and pianist from England. He specializes in boogie-woogie piano and has performed in many bands in his long musical career. Although he has been a solo artist and a session musician, he currently concentrates on his YouTube channel.

Terry Miles and an little boy playing a public piano

The passersby are delighted by the unique talent of the kid. Some use their phone to capture the moment, while others are happy to witness the performance without using gadgets. After a while, Terry decides to step back and let the kid play independently.

But, he could not stand in the background for long. So, Terry decides to join Olivier again on the piano. However, soon Terry steps back again and lets the kid play the foot-tapping number using his little fingers on the piano.

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