Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson’s Mesmerizing Mashup of ‘Shallow is Not To Be Missed

Bythu lita

Jan 19, 2024

Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson’s stunning rendition of “Shallow” is the unexpected mashup that has taken the internet by storm. Blighght, a YouTuber, expertly blended live performances of the song by the two powerhouse vocalists, creating a seamless and natural collaboration.

The mashup, with over 4.6 million views on YouTube, showcases Clarkson’s lowkey and intimate delivery of the first verse, followed by Gaga accompanying herself on the piano. As the song progresses, their voices harmonize beautifully in the chorus, resulting in a truly enchanting musical moment.

The chemistry between Gaga and Clarkson in this rendition is undeniable, leaving fans eager for a real-life performance from the dynamic duo. Clarkson’s live cover of “Shallow” during her concert in Green Bay, Wisconsin, further highlights her ability to choose covers that suit her style, delivering a remarkable performance that captivates the audience.

Despite the contrasting musical genres, the collaboration underscores the universal appeal of “Shallow,” becoming one of Gaga’s most enduring songs with over 2.2 billion streams on Spotify

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