The mystery of the life of musical genius Mozart

Bythu lita

Dec 15, 2023

Blessed with an extraordinary memory, right from the age of 14, this miraculous man showed everyone that he composed works “in his head” and then did nothing but just pour them out onto the paper without a single line being erased.

Genius Mozart.

When the father quickly recognized his son’s genius, he forced Mozart to work hard and imposed iron discipline on him. He did everything to give his son the best, even sacrificing his career and privacy. And he was rewarded when the great musician Joseph Haydn publicly declared to him in 1785, “Your son is the greatest composer I have known.” Morzart is a good and innocent boy, always ready to follow the father he admires.

At just five and a half years old, Mozart composed his first menuet, and he wrote 626 works, including the unfinished Requiem. At just 6 years old, Mozart performed in Vienna, in front of Queen Marie-Thérèse and the court. They blindfolded him so he could perform, then used a towel to cover the keyboard. After performing without a single mistake, he jumped on the queen’s knee and swore that he wanted to marry her. The Queen gave her father 100 ducats, and as for Mozart, she gave her two sets of clothes that her children no longer wore.

Playing music is as important to him as breathing. Every morning, at 6 o’clock, Mozart composes right in bed. To satisfy this passion, he traveled a lot—about 10 years, which means nearly 1/3 of his short life. Along the way, Mozart wrote quite a lot of letters (2,000 letters are proof of his personality) and composed many pieces of music.

What about women? Although he repeatedly flirted with his cousin Marie Anna Thekla, then fell in love with the beautiful Nancy Storace, or actually loved Aloysia Weber, a beautiful and beautiful singer (she did not love him), in the end he married Aloysia’s sister, Constance, and lived very faithfully. Constance was not an indecent person, as many rumored, but a devoted wife. She took care of this genius composer for nine years and bore him six children. When Mozart died, she was only 29 years old, and even though she went through months of depression, Constance always tried her best to brighten the reputation of her husband, whom she kept in memory until his death at the age of 80. in 1842 in Salzbourg.

His wife was always by his side when he was sick.

Mozart made a lot of money, even though he had to compete with Salieri, who was said to have poisoned his life. As master of the chapel at the Viennese court, Salieri administered orders and, naturally, did not support those he understood to be superior to him. But Mozart knew how to get paid because he had to take care of a large family. In the last year of his life, with 38 commissioned works, Mozart earned the equivalent of 1 million euros.

However, he still left behind many large debts because not only did billiards, but gambling fascinated him, destroyed him, drowned him… However, during his dying years, Mozart was not lonely at all. alone, family and friends still surrounded him, his personal doctor visited him every day, and even Salieri came to visit him.

According to experts, because of poor health and severe kidney failure, Mozart passed away from an epidemic caused by Streptococcus bacteria that the people of Vienna suffered from at that time. Although Constance could only afford one funeral, Mozart was nonetheless buried properly in a mass crypt containing 16 coffins in 1791. He knew how to beautify each graceful note. His life has driven us crazy until now, having passed away like that at the age of less than 35 years old.

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