Girl Earns 1.5M Views Just By Playing The Blues On Her Typewriter

Byvu lita

Dec 14, 2023

Freya, a talent hailing from Norway, took the ordinary setting of a public piano and transformed it into a stage for something truly magical. Bringing along her old-fashioned typewriter, she breathed new life into the blues in a way we never could have anticipated.

From the moment she put her typewriter on top of the piano, it was clear that Freya was about to defy norms. What followed was a musical blend of piano keys and typewriter taps, flawlessly executed to the rhythm of blues. You could tell that the crowd was mystified, wrapped in the unique tapestry of sound that Freya was weaving right before our eyes.

As you listen, you realize that this isn’t just a performance; it’s an experience, and you’re a part of it. Freya’s artistic fusion left us spellbound, emphasizing the dynamic range of a typewriter as not just a writing tool but also a percussion instrument.Her performance was more than just a musical feat. Freya shared that she goes down to the South Bank to write poetry using her typewriter. This same typewriter, a beautifully antiquated machine, becomes a bridge to a bygone era.

In an age dominated by screens and instant gratification, the typewriter makes you ponder on the beauty of spontaneity. Freya explained that with a typewriter, you write spontaneously, unable to easily correct your mistakes. The typewriter, therefore, becomes a reflection of life itself—imperfect but honest, in the moment but forever recorded.

Freya was like a bright beacon of creativity and fun. She didn’t shy away from the spotlight, rather she embraced it with a smile that could light up a room. When she was asked about her poetry, she mentioned it was “sort of like about Norwegian stuff,” but always in English, with topics as diverse as the magnetospheric treble date to the lemon cheesecake that “tasted good.” It’s not just the blues she was playing, but she was sharing pieces of her life, her culture, and her unique artistry.

She even talked about her nail varnish, remarking how it represents the dichotomy of life—the yin and yang—that couldn’t be more apt for her performance. Freya wasn’t just sharing music; she was sharing a piece of herself, her world views wrapped in the complex simplicity of her chosen instruments. Our hearts raced and our spirits lifted as we became a part of this artistic journey.

Before you know it, the performance reaches its crescendo, and Freya takes her bow, thanking the crowd for being a part of this extraordinary musical tale. What we experienced wasn’t just a song or a performance; it was a blending of cultures, eras, and talents, all harmonized through Freya’s innovation.

So, don’t just take our word for it. You have to experience Freya’s spellbinding blues for yourself because the emotions, the soul, and the passion she puts into her music and poetry can only truly be understood when felt first-hand.

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