11-Month-Old Can’t Stop Giggling at Rock Star Dad Trying To Beatbox in Heartwarming Video

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 19, 2024

Babies are so delicate and fun that you can’t help but love them. Their peals of laughter could bring any mourning session into a halt.

Babies have a unique and fantastic way of laughing. There’s that belly laugh that changes everyone’s mood and even ignites the baby fever spark.

Jason Manns, who is renowned for his voice and acting prowess, has been juggling life as a father, artist and husband. Manns is a talented musician who s currently occupied with his singing, music production and songwriting duties. He is always traveling back and forth between his home at Bowling Green, Virginia, Los Angeles and Europe.

While the economy demands that he works hard while on tour, nothing delights him more than having to come home to his family. Nothing beats the feeling of spending time with his children and wife, Krista Manns.

The youngest family member who is around one year old never seems to get enough of Manns, his father. This is evident in the videos that Manns posts about his father-son moments with the bubbly boy. The baby boy is always thrilled by his father’s antics and does an excellent job on them.

Jason Manns posted a video on Instagram on the 25th February and stated that his son was eleven months at the time. The video shows the eleven months baby laughing hilariously at some funny beats the dad made with his mouth. It has since gone viral, with almost 100 000 views currently.

He wrote under the video a funny quote that the eleven-year-old toddler had challenged him to a beatbox battle. Manns continued to say that it seemed like his son had been practicing while he was away and that his toothless mouth was giving him a head start to win the battle.

The baby boy studied his father’s mouth movements and copied them, but all ended up being swallowed by his infectious laughs. Every single time Manns tried to sing independently, the baby followed closely behind, and all ended up bursting out with laughter.

Again, on 3rd March, Manns posted another video but this time he sneezed and the baby laughed. Watching this video, you may hear yourself laugh while the baby laughs. The video has gone viral with thousands of fans going through the video to have a share of the infectious laugh.

Jason Manns may be away a fair share of the time, but he tries to compensate for the time he’s absent by spending quality time with his family. Do you want to spread the infectious laugh and love to others? Then make sure you pass this along to your friends and family!

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