Blue-Eyed Angel Performs Whitney Houston Classic With Voice That Steals Everyone’s Breath

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 19, 2024

Even though she’s now grown up to be a young adult, Connie Talbot, a singer from Britain, has always had incredible vocal talent. Not only does she sing, but she writes all of her own music.

Some of her most viral work has been the covers of other famous musicians with her own vocal talent and style. Even her music videos are remarkable, as they are done tastefully but are still memorable and unique

She displays grace through all of her performances, and you can tell that she has been influenced by popular singers before her but manages to stand out through this influence and showcase her own personal style. Her voice is not only powerful but is also complicated and you can tell that she possesses a lot of raw talent.

Connie came into the spotlight when she appeared on the first season of the popular show Britain’s Got Talent over a decade ago! Her performance was so outstanding that she got signed with Rainbow Recording Company and even got to put out an album that went on to sell to a high number of fans, somewhere in the hundreds of thousands!

Even tough critic Simon Cowell, known for his critique, described her voice was magical when she appeared on the show, proving that she had the vocal ability to go far in life as a singer. She got pushed to the final rounds of the show, beating out contestants week after week until she finally took home the title of runner-up in that season of the competition.

This particular cover that Connie performed, however, surpasses all her other covers with flying colors! At the young age of just 8 years old, she performs a Whitney Houston song with the vocal ability of a grown woman! Her voice has clearly been amazing since birth!

Outfitted in a pale pink dress, she seems focused as she begins to perform her routine of the famous song “I Will Always Love You.” It seems like even after Whitney’s unfortunate passing, Connie has remained a lifelong fan, as she even recorded a cover of “Run to You” as a tribute song to Whitney.

Not many people are able to cover such a complicated voice with the style and grace that Connie displayed, especially from such a young age. You can watch her outstanding performance for yourself in the video below. What do you think about Connie’s voice?

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