93-Year-Old Woman Performs Heartfelt Gospel Song On Guitar

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 19, 2024

Judging by this enchanting 2019 cover of One Day at a Time by 93-year-old Memphis resident Nita Talley, it’s evident that this grandma taught her children and grandchildren the love of music, and she quite clearly still carries that love deep in her heart.

Two members of her family brought a guitar and sat with her, playing the backing to One Day at a Time, a gospel song written by Marijohn Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson, according to the video. No matter what faith you believe in, you can feel the power and emotion that’s poured into this lovely performance as the woman sings. The song itself is aptly titled, focusing on the journey of life and following your faith.

While the younger generation often tends to be less religious, as our parents and grandparents age, religion can become an exceptionally meaningful aspect of their lives. Having faith, for some people, is what powers their lives. And, even for those who aren’t religious, listening to this grandmother sing with her family is enough to bring us all to tears.

When you watch the video, you’ll see the woman looks, at first, like she might be a little disinterested. It’s only fair she feels that way. However, when the man starts playing the first few chords of the song, she immediately gains interest, singing along as though she was an angel. Watching the wide range of emotions that the woman goes through as she sings, you can tell that she’s been through plenty in her life. She also looks happy. Teaching children to understand and appreciate music—which, based on the way she sings, we know she does—allows them to understand love and compassion. The woman is clearly giving it her all, singing with as much meaning and emotion as she can.

You can also tell that both the man and the younger woman are glad to see she’s happy. All too often, our elders end up feeling depressed. It’s normal as you age because life no longer seems to be what it was. But this woman was reminded, as they played guitar and sang, of the meaning behind her life. Just listening to her rendition of One Day at a Time, you can feel the emotion in her voice. She knows, now, what her purpose in life is. Essentially, she’s coming back to her passions.

One Day at a Time appears on albums by dozens of artists and is popular in the Christian music sphere. However, listening to this grandmother sing with her family, we have to wonder if she ever had an album of her own. We definitely would pay her to cover this song for us. The true emotion she pours into her voice as she sings, the way she smiles and sways along to the music, it’s all very moving.

For our elders, times can be a little tough. It’s important to remind them of their passions, keep them connected with the world, and find a way to make them smile. That’s exactly what this 93-year-old woman’s family decided to do. They brought her back, almost immediately, to a time and place where it was easy for her to be happy, and we are sure she will stay there for quite some time.

Were you brought to tears listening to her sing? Let us know how you feel about her beautiful cover of this song, and remember to spread the joy with others.

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