Young Man Steals Hearts Singing Elvis Classic With Voice Judges Are Unable To Resist

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 19, 2024

Teen With An Old Soul Steals Hearts With an Elvis Presley Classic The Judges Can’t Resist

All over the world, teenagers are known for their ability to hone in on what is trendy. This is why it is surprising when some teens choose to embrace elements of classic culture rather than going with what is new and exciting.

Also known as “old souls,” teenagers that choose traditional music over contemporary offerings have a special and unique gift. One teenager perfectly exemplifies this preference with his performance on the hit show from the Netherlands, “The Voice Kids.”

Rather than choosing modern music for this number, this boy went the old school route and selected a piece by Elvis Presley. The young man named Thijs admits that he prefers the sounds of artists such as Michael Jackson and Elton John over what is popular these days with kids his age.

Therefore, it was no surprise when he chose an iconic Elvis hit for his show audition. The judges were clearly stunned when Thijs began singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Judge Ilse Delange was clearly smitten with the sweet performance while judge Douwe Bob was also complimentary of the song choice.

It was up to the judges to push Thijs through to the next round of competition. It came as no surprise to anyone when he advanced!

This stunning performance of an old soul must be posted for everyone to see. After you have watched Thijs rock this classic Elvis hit, be sure to spread the joy to everyone that you know. We all know that Thijs has a bright future ahead of him in musical performance!

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