11-Yr-Old Mariachi Marvel Stuns “AGT” Audience With Powerful Voice

ByQuyen Anne

Nov 1, 2023

America’s Got Talent is known for its child prodigies. From Jackie Evancho, a 10-year-old opera singer to Grace Vanderwaal, a 12-year-old singer/songwriter, the AGT stage has supported the talents of many young musical stars. This season is no different, welcoming a young mariachi superstar to the stage.

AGT 2023: Eduardo Antonio Trevino's Mariachi Thrills the Judges

11-year-old Eduardo Antonio Trevino took the stage with the charisma and star-power of someone three times his age. He radiated humility, but has a powerful gift to share.

child sings with mariachi band

Eduardo discussed his family’s history with mariachi, and when the time came to sing, he waved on a band to support him. From the moment the music started, he commanded the stage, and his shining voice took the whole audience by surprise.

Watch the clip below to experience the joy and talent of Eduardo Antonio Trevino.

11-Year-Old Mariachi Singer Stuns in 'AGT' Early Release Audition

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