13-Year-Old Violinist Performs Magically in the Street With Her Mother

ByQuyen Anne

Dec 29, 2023

Mother And Daughter Busk In The Street

If you haven’t come across her before, Karolina Protsenko is a thirteen-year-old violin virtuoso from Ukraine. She moved to America when she was six and began learning to play. The rest is history.

Karolina has been uploading videos of her performances to YouTube since she was just ten years old, and this channel already has 50,000 subscribers and videos with over a million views. The most popular of all Karolina’s performances are the ones where she duets with her mother. Like many of her performances, this one takes place on the streets, mum and daughter busking together.

They perform an arrangement of the piece Experience created by composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi. As the beautiful music flows from their instruments into the air, passers-by look around, searching for its source.

Karolina walks around as she plays, swaying in time with the music. She’s wearing a pretty white dress and seems absorbed by her performance. She smiles to herself, at mum and at the crowd, obviously loving this opportunity to share her gift with the world. Karolina’s mum Ella is the perfect accompanist. She plays with passion and precision and demonstrates such skill it’s clear where Karolina inherited her talent.

The crowd looks on delighted as Ella moves fluidly with the music. Karolina spins and twirls, her dress and hair flying as she plays on flawlessly. It seems this talented mother and daughter duo were born to perform. When they finish performing, the crowd applauds warmly.

This is a beautiful performance, but it is far from the only video Karolina and Ella have made. In one memorable video, Ella sings the Leonard Cohen classic, Hallelujah while Karolina sings and plays the violin. The beauty and power of their voices add another element to this exceptionally talented pair.

YouTube clearly feels the same way as this video has been viewed more than 3 million times, received 83,000 likes and 4000 comments. As one commenter said:

“I’m back again, listening to two angels lift me above all my troubles, above all that is going on in the world and help me to soar where there’s only peace and happiness, thank you and God bless.”

Happily, Karolina shows no signs of slowing down and has decided to make her channel ever more of a family affair. She dueted on the Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga hit with her dad. With this much talent, this family is one to watch. If you want to see more from Karolina Protsenko subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Facebook

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