Adorable 2-Year-Old “Sings” The Blues, Then Pulls Out The Harmonica And Has Dad Cracking Up

ByQuyen Anne

Sep 13, 2023

Everyone gets the blues, including toddlers. And if you’re 2-year-old Luca, the best possible coping method is a cute little jam session with dad!

While most two-year-olds are indulging in nap time and creating their newest finger-painted masterpiece, this little boy is hard at working producing his baby blues album debut!

Luckily for little Luca here, he’s already been given the talent of his booming voice to assist in his music career. His father, having ties to the world of music, set his son up with a simple microphone and harmonica, allowing Luca to sing from the heart. And boy did he ever!

Not only is Luca’s voice exceptionally audible although his speech is still developing, but his impeccable timing resembles the breaks and pauses in between instrumentals that embodies the blues rhythm.

In the adorable video below, we see little Luca standing in front of a mic. Soon after, his dad starts playing guitar. With his father’s encouragement, Luca belts his heart out.

toddler sings the blues 1

While we’re not quite sure what little Luca is saying, he seems to know exactly what he wants to say to the world. His enthusiasm is instantly contagious.

luca still singing 2

Not content to just stand and sing the blues, the toddler revealed another talent: playing the harmonica!

At intervals during the adorable jam session, Luca stops to enthusiastically blow on his harmonica.

lucas with harmonica

While the intended lyrics of Luca’s song are up for debate, one thing’s for certain: if Luca’s proud dad continues to showcase and encourage his son’s love of music, it’s possible this may be one of the earliest video recordings of a future music star!

The little musician’s dad encourages him to give the harmonica a shot, prompting the adorable little boy to bring the instrument to his lips and begins to produce a powerful sound! Although the music ended, Luca continued to blow into the harmonica and finish his performance, eliciting an applause from his proud Papa!

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