Andrea Bocelli Stands In Church And Starts Singing When An Angel Appears By His Side

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 19, 2024

Andrea Bocelli is known all around the world for his outstanding vocal talent. He’s been praised by the greats, with even Celine Dion herself comparing his voice to that of a god.

He’s constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to singing ability. For decades, he’s been a superstar in the classical music industry. His latest masterpiece is his own rendition of “Ave Maria Pietas” for which he is joined by the Russian Soprano Aida Garifullina.

With over 90 million albums sold since the start of his career, it’s only upwards from here for Andrea.

His breathtaking songs leave fans from all around the globe breathless. Thankfully, he’s recently put out a new album called “Si” which is full of original and cover songs and amazing duets with other iconic singers.

The video for the song, a rendition of “Ave Maria Pietas,” features Andrea singing while praying in church. It’s almost as if he’s serenading the gods himself with his wonderful vocal talent!

You would think this is enough to make any fan excited, but then he is joined by the wonderful talent Aida Garifullina. The two singers are both classically trained in opera singing, so when they come together their voices mesh perfectly while still showcasing their own unique individual ability.

Once you hear these two artists duet together, there’s no denying the talent! Obviously, these two were born to share their abilities with the world, and with this new song, we’re sure they’ll gather even more new fans with their smash hit!

Andrea took a bit of a break from the music industry when he took 14 years to put out his long-awaited album of all-new material, called “Si.” The album is showing itself to be quite the contender for album of the year with amazing duets featuring other popular and famous singers.

We’re sure that his fans think that this amazing album was worth the long wait!

This particular duet with Aida uses some of the phrases from a particular Catholic prayer, known as Ave Maria, but alters the order of the phrases as well as the tone and melody. However, Aida and Andrea have sung together many times.

At musical galas and concert performances, they have showcased their unique duet ability over the years. However, this song is getting so much deserved hype because it’s the first time the duo have ever recorded an actual song together. Once you hear the way their voices meld, it’s no wonder why Andrea wanted Aida to sing with him!

Andrea has broken into the world of duets with his new album. His sons are both singers themselves, and he collaborated with his son Matteo on a track for his new record. Andrea has also worked with famous and loved artists such as Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran.

He even broke out of the mold when he did a song with newly popularized artist Dua Lipa! Although Andrea does songs with artists from every genre, this duet with Aida is so special because you can tell they are both passionate about the opera and classical genres.

Receiving similar training and having similar vocalistic styles proves to be a success from the amazing track they produced in which their voices are complimenting each other like no other! You can listen to their duet for yourself in the video below:

What do you think about the way their voices match each other? Has Andrea done other duets that have become staples in your playlists? Let us know, and don’t forget to pass this amazing performance to your friends and family!

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