Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band Perform “You Can Never Tell” And Completely Smash It

ByQuyen Anne

May 21, 2024

Bruce Springsteen’s Memorable Moment in Leipzig

The Boss Shines Again

Bruce Springsteen, known as The Boss, is no stranger to delivering spectacular performances. Among his countless memorable moments, one stands out: an impromptu performance of Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell” in Leipzig in 2013.

A Spontaneous Musical Journey

With his E Street Band, Springsteen took fans on an unexpected musical adventure. The band, which has been with him since the early days, showcased their talent and versatility in this spontaneous rendition.

Roots in Cover Songs

In their early years, Springsteen and his band often played cover songs before evolving to create original music. These performances were driven by Springsteen’s passion for music, a passion that began when he received his first guitar from his mother.

A Tour of Rediscovery

For the 2013 tour, Springsteen challenged himself and his band to revisit songs from their past, some of which hadn’t been played since their childhood. This approach added a fresh element of surprise and excitement to their concerts, captivating audiences with the unexpected.


Experience the magic of Bruce Springsteen’s impromptu performance in Leipzig. Watch the video below and witness The Boss and the E Street Band bring Chuck Berry’s classic to life!

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